The Good Life - Ecclesiastes - Cari Fydirchuk

March 29, 2015

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryIntern Pastor Cari going to look at the book of Ecclesiastes through the lens of Wisdom literature. This week’s homework is to find a place where you can sit and read the book of Ecclesiastes. This could be at a coffee shop, along a walking path, in the mountains, at Costco, in a mall, at the train station or bus stop, etc. Read it somewhere other than your house. It’ll take about an hour. Reading Scripture within the world around us doesn’t change the text but it does highlight different things in the text. What do you hear when you read this book? Is Ecclesiastes positive and life affirming or is it pessimistic and cynical?

Songs for this service, click to listen/watch.


Come Thou Font

Holy Holy Holy

Come as you are

All Creatures of our God and King

Oh How I Need You

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