God’s Truth in a Software Engineer - John Van Sloten

May 12, 2013

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryPastor John Van Sloten continues our series on "God at Work" and explores the vocation of a software engineer. How do they image the God of all source code?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1, NIV

“Computer Science - software really - is about 'creation'. You start with nothing, and you create something that has a certain level of intelligence, and is able to perform certain functions, according to what has been designed for, according to the creator.”
Chuck Black, software guy

“The ultimate step for a creator would be to create something that is able to grow, change, evolve, develop new skills, new relationships, etc., that were perhaps imagined by the creator, but were not 'hard-coded' into each object.”
Chuck Black, software guy

“Every created thing is, in its degree, an image of God, and the ordinate and faithful appreciation of that thing a clue which, truly followed, will lead back to Him.”
C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), Arthurian Torso [1948]

“It is a very good thing that you read the Bible... The Bible is Christ, for the Old Testament leads up to this culminating point. ...Christ alone, of all the philosophers, Magi, etc... – has affirmed, as a principle certainty, eternal life, the infinity of time, the nothingness of death, the necessity and the raison d’etre of serenity and devotion. He lived serenely, as a greater artist than all other artists, despising marble and clay as well as color, working in living flesh. That is to say, this matchless artist, hardly to be conceived of by the obtuse instrument of our modern, nervous, stupefied brains, made neither statues nor pictures not books; he loudly proclaimed that he made... living men, immortals. ...Though this great artist – Christ – disdained writing books on ideas (sensations), he surely disdained the spoken word much less- particularly the parable. (What a sower, what a harvest, what a fig tree!)... These considerations, my dear Bernard, lead us very far, very far afield; they raise us above art itself. They make us see the art of creating life, the art of being immortal and alive at the same time.”
Vincent Van Gogh to his friend Bernard, (182) Erickson, B8, 23 June 1888, Letters, 3:495

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Wonderful Maker

Everything Glorious

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