CBC Radio - Science, Epigenetics - John Van Sloten

April 21, 2012

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryIn the second of a series on Religion and Science, Pastor John Van Sloten and CBC Radio Daybreak host Russell Bowers discusses Epigenetics, the science of how our environment can affect the DNA we pass on to offspring, and what that means to the Ten Commandments.

It seems like Religion and Science haven't seen eye to eye in a very long time. As scientific technique has improved over the centuries, it's moved further away from the explanations of the planet as the Bible seems to explain it. For many people, that divide is insurmountable and indeed, an attempt to explain the world and the universe in scientific terms clashes with religious beliefs to such an extent that Atheists and Fundamentalists see nothing in common with each other. However, can a belief in the spiritual aspect of human nature find a collective agreement with imperical facts? One Alberta pastor thinks so. John van Sloten is with the New Hope Church in Calgary. Over the next few weeks on Daybreak, he'll be joining Russell to discuss science and religion, and how the two can interact.

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