Paul and Professor X - Heather Cowie

October 23, 2011

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The message this morning is based on Romans 12 verses 1-8. In this passage Paul, one of the main leaders of the early church is writing to the church in Rome. This text is one of my favorite passages from Paul‘s writings, particularly the first couple of verses. I am going to read from the Message, because although I often prefer the NIV, in this passage I think the Message is clearer in expressing Paul‘s intentions.

In the movie X-men: First Class, Professor Charles Xavier is a sort of Pauline figure. He is the leader among the newly emerging mutants and he becomes their mentor and teacher. In this movie we experience a story of the discovery and use of gifts. Perhaps we can compare ourselves to the evolved mutants in that our transformation from ordinary humans to saints is something beyond our control but that we also participate in.

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