Hell, Lazarus, and a Rich Man - John Van Sloten

March 27, 2011

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryThe Parable of the Rich man and Lazarus; a story that Jesus told about life and death; and heaven and hell.

There once was a rich man, expensively dressed in the latest fashions, wasting his days in conspicuous consumption. A poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, had been dumped on his doorstep. All he lived for was to get a meal from scraps off the rich man's table. His best friends were the dogs who came and licked his sores.
Then he died, this poor man, and was taken up by the angels to the lap of Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. In hell and in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham in the distance and Lazarus in his lap. He called out, Father Abraham, mercy! Have mercy! Send Lazarus to dip his finger in water to cool my tongue. I'm in agony in this fire.
But Abraham said, Child, remember that in your lifetime you got the good things and Lazarus the bad things. It's not like that here. Here he's consoled and you're tormented. Besides, in all these matters there is a huge chasm set between us so that no one can go from us to you even if he wanted to, nor can anyone cross over from you to us.
The rich man said, Then let me ask you, Father: Send him to the house of my father where I have five brothers, so he can tell them the score and warn them so they won't end up here in this place of torment.
Abraham answered, They have Moses and the Prophets to tell them the score. Let them listen to them.
I know, Father Abraham, he said, but they're not listening. If someone came back to them from the dead, they would change their ways.
Abraham replied, If they won't listen to Moses and the Prophets, they're not going to be convinced by someone who rises from the dead.
Jesus in the gospel of Luke 16:19-31, MSG

Lazarus and Dives, illumination from the Codex Aureus of Echternach
Top panel: Lazarus at the rich man's door
Middle panel: Lazarus' soul is carried to Paradise by two angels; Lazarus in Abraham's bosom
Bottom panel: Dives' soul is carried off by two devils to Hell; Dives is tortured in Hades

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June 27, 2012
ou should check out sda. They do not believe in eternal damnation either. The wicked are judged according to their acts then are punished then put to death.
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August 30, 2011
i think you're being unfairly judgmental of Rob accusing him of why he would want to release a controversial book. however, i'm unbiased in this matter and my feeling is that Rob was led to write that book based on his theological studies and nothing more. perhaps you should research Rob's theology a bit more before passing judgement on him, or better yet, refrain from judging him alltogether - there is only one judge.
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April 20, 2011
Rob Bell does NOT teach Universalism .. please seek out Gerry Beauchemin's videos on youtube (hopebeyondhell) to see why. I am unsubscribing to this channel..and its a shame because I really liked a lot of your other videos, hopecalvery.
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March 31, 2011
Perhaps you should take a look at what is meant by this parable (hint: there's a reason there are FIVE brothers). And no, it does not mention hell, it states "hades". If you want to get your concepts from Greek mythology (which includes tartarus), perhaps you need to think about that. Jesus Christ believed hades existed? Then he certainly was no god, because it is mythology. And hades is not sheol either so don't try & say they're same. Stop lying.

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March 30, 2011
This started out as a great sermon. It gave both sides of the argument very well. However, in the end, he didnít land on the truth that the Bible gives. I have not seen the rest of the sermon; I hope he decided to claim the Truth instead of leaving it open ended. Why preach at all if everyone will be saved?

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