The Story behind the Book - John Van Sloten

September 12, 2010

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryThe Day Metallica came to Church, Searching for the Everywhere God in Everything is Pastor John Van Sloten's first book. What was his motivation to write this book and how does it impact his relationship with God? How could it change yor life?

Then on the twenty-fourth day of this month, the People of Israel gathered for a fast, wearing burlap and faces smudged with dirt as signs of repentance.
The Israelites stood up, and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their parents. While they stood there in their places, they read from the Book of The Revelation of GOD, their God, for a quarter of the day.
For another quarter of the day they confessed and worshiped their GOD.
A group of Levites (priests) said, On your feet! Bless GOD, your God, for ever and ever!

Blessed be your glorious name, exalted above all blessing and praise! You're the one, GOD, you alone; You made the heavens,the heavens of heavens, and all angels;
The earth and everything on it, the seas and everything in them; You keep them all alive; heaven's angels worship you!
You're the one, GOD, the God.
From the Old Testament book of Nehemiah 9:1-8, The Message

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April 08, 2014
What this gentleman doesn't realize is what church actually means. God did not leave us a book, he left us a church; a teaching office. Who's charter is to save souls and make us holy. The first day of the visible church was on Pentecost when the Holy Spirit descended and to dwell with us (as God promised) and the preaching of Saint Peter and the Apostles. The completed Canon was produced by this church and not available until the fourth century. The bible is not necessary for salvation. The sacraments are. Christs' act on the cross is a once and for all sacrifice, but the fruits of this still have to be applied to each of our lives. This act allowed the opportunity for salvation, but did not guarantee it, simply by believing. We need to cooperate with his graces via the Holy Spirit, which resides in HIS church. There is only one church, one faith and one baptism. "Father, my they all be one, just as you and I are one." 33,000 denominations is not unity. The Church established on Peter is a the blueprint for salvation. One that a loving God left us as a touchstone back to him. Rather than leaving us to our own devices to guess what he wants from us and how to love him in return. "If you love me, you will keep my commandments". The greatest of these is to receive him in Holy Eucharist (account in John, Chapter six).
manguy2000 (via You Tube)
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March 01, 2012
God speaks through Everything
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January 09, 2012
I'm not good at english i need help. What this guy want to say? He want say that metallica is satanic?

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August 30, 2011
Hi my name is Marc from montreal quebec,and i just been reading throught most of this metallica came to church book and found it interresting.
Am a Christian who struggle with church community most of the time ;found them quite boring or to strict.
And to be honest i bought your book because am a solid metallica fan (like million of people)

The only thing i want to said is simple: your book is a good fit to my spiritual quest and god truly talk to people in different way .
I like Metallica ;saw a book who spoke about it and gave me a other view of god that represent a little bit more my type of personality

Through your book god reconnect with me and am happy about it really simple right!

that it .

thank you.
(sorry for all those english mistake i speak french.)

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August 09, 2011
I'm reading your book on Metallica right now and just started the chapter on your detractors. Ironically, I came across this devotional page on the C.S. Lewis website today as well. It seems to me that those who would call you a heretic should give it a read:

Thank you for your courage, and for bringing more meaning and a fresh insight to our faith.

Having been raised a non-church going Christian (we were raised with Christian values and with the assurance that there is a god, but with a single mother who had little time) it always strikes me that the "secular" art that brought me to god is excluded in my church.

Why on earth would god only use "Christian" music or art to spread his love and gospel when Christians are the only ones (largely) who study it? How many non-Christians does anyone know who listen to Christian rock?

Thanks again, and keep doing what you're doing. It's working.

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July 02, 2011
They always want to put metal and church together, Thanks John Marshall
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May 01, 2011
do you know if the guys from metallica are christian or spiritual at all? that would be the coolest!
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