CBC Radio - The Day Metallica Came to Church - John Van Sloten

August 10, 2010

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryPastor John is interviewed on CBC Radio One (99.1FM Calgary) about the release of his first book, "The Day Metallica Came to Church".

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December 09, 2011
Just do me a favor and keep wtirnig such trenchant analyses, OK?

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September 06, 2010
It all makes so much sense now...

God creating dinosaurs and clearing the deck (wiping them out with mass destruction!) and then repopulating it other creative experiments and so can carry out His lovingly diabolical pleasure. Creates dinosaurs in Hells Creek, Montana with 75 million year old blood and tendons still inside. Death, decay...What a good and marvellous thing!

Perhaps you can do a series on how God speaks everywhere through his redemptive truth through Neitzche, Freud, Dawkins, Suzuki, Hitler and the porn industry?

God is everywhere, He's everywhere! Yipee!!!!!
Rick Dees

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