Possibility of Community - John Van Sloten

September 14, 2008

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryWe begin a series of messages on the theme of community. What’s a faith community supposed to look like? Who is God calling us to be here at New Hope? And what’s your place in all of this?

Six more questions (to help get us thinking about community);
1. How deep and intimate a spirituality are you planning for in your life?
2. What is the commitment that you bring to creating a place for that here at New Hope?
3. What choices are you currently facing regarding your part in the future of this faith community?
4.What gifts do you possess (have you been given) that haven’t been brought into this community?
5.What is the story you keep telling yourself about the problems of this church community?
6.What is your contribution to the very thing that concerns you?

“Jesus’ whole message is one of life-giving. He came to give life and give it abundantly. He came to take away the blockages that prevent the flow of life. The glory of God, wrote Irenaeus in the second century, is people fully alive, fully living. Jesus came to announce good news to the poor, freedom to the oppressed and imprisoned, and sight to the blind. He came to liberate, to open up new doors and avenues; he came to take away guilt, to heal, make whole and save. And he asks his disciples [us] to continue in this mission of life-giving, of fecundity and of liberation. This is the mission of every Christian community.”
Jean Vanier, Community and Growth

“The whole congregation of believers was united as one—one heart, one mind! They didn't even claim ownership of their own possessions. No one said, "That's mine; you can't have it." They shared everything.
The apostles gave powerful witness to the resurrection of the Master Jesus, and grace was on all of them.”
The Acts of the Apostles, 4:32-33, MSG

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