World of Warcraft - Interviewing guild-master Dan Dykstra - John Van Sloten

June 17, 2007

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryIn this message we're going to continue our look into the virtual reality World of Warcraft.
Last week we talked about the creationally good elements of the phenomenon.
This week we're going to look at the Yeah but... side of the game.

"We naturally seek the least threatening ways of trying to satisfy our longing for God, ways that protect our sense of personal power and require the least sacrifice."
Dr. Gerald May, Addiction and Grace, P93

Christ has set us free to live a free life... My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God's Spirit. Then you won't feed the compulsions of selfishness... It is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex; a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage; frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness; trinket gods; magic-show religion; paranoid loneliness; cutthroat competition; all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied wants; a brutal temper; an impotence to love or be loved; divided homes and divided lives; small-minded and lopsided pursuits; the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival; uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions; ugly parodies of community. I could go on.
This isn't the first time I have warned you, you know. If you use your freedom this way, you will not inherit God's kingdom. But what happens when we live God's way? He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard things like affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity. We develop a willingness to stick with things, a sense of compassion in the heart, and a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people. We find ourselves involved in loyal commitments, not needing to force our way in life, able to marshal and direct our energies wisely.
The Apostle Paul's letter to the Galatians 5:1, 16-23

The wanting, yearning, longing quality of pure desire is natural and God given. It is not only necessary for life; it also lends a rich open-endedness to existence, a lack of complete satisfaction that is powerfully creative and, in many ways, joyful. But the grasping, clinging, possessive quality of attachment is something very different. It is restrictive, not creative, imperative instead of enjoyable. As William Blake said, rather than binding ourselves to joy, we must kiss it as it flies.
P110, Gerald May
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July 05, 2014
It's hilarious how many people are talking about God. WoW is FULL of Pagan symbolism and I LOVE IT. PAGAN AND PROUD.
Paranormal Michelle
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June 15, 2014
I can honestly say I can quit wow at any time. I started working a retail job that my hours varied everyday. I quit playing due to those hours for the job. Once I found a better paying job that was normal hours I started playing again but the game does not take over my time for the job. I do also spend quite a bit of time with friends. I am a normal raider and am a top officer for a guild. Yes the game is addictive to many people but not everyone. a lot of good can actually come out of this game though for example it taught my little brother to read better and understand what he was reading. he always wanted help on quest or gear or anything such forth and I told him to read and figure it out. Also taught him how to research and find the answers on his own. Even better like stated in the video running a guild is a lot like running a business. That's experience almost anyone could use for anything.
lifeslegund6 (via YouYube)
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November 12, 2013
I've been playing WoW less & less and am probably going to be quitting soon. This was a great video to watch.
GeekyNet (via YouTube)
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February 23, 2013
World of Warcraft Right now I've got my WOW account on hold tohguh till next expansion (Burning crusade got old for me fast). So in the meantime I'm trying out LOTRO (lord of the rings online) considering that LOTR is a franchise and all Its actually not half bad. I was suprised. Though most random people i see in LOTRO are jerks. Damnit thats MY ore node, hands offff!

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May 28, 2012
It may be a virtual game but there are very really relationships between ppl who play games like that. and i also do and i love it (:

The relationships in games like WoW are as real as the ones in real life.
virtual or not. i play these games and i love it (: playing these games are my Second Life lol

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January 25, 2012
Desertpuunk @ Area 52. Ive been a gm of lvl 25 guild, been playing since beginning of wrath, and many hours a day, but its not overboard, i still get good grades and have friends. But the average us isnt anythig special

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August 28, 2011
anyone who seeks to control other people is a major douche
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July 04, 2011
Yes people who game are usualy seen as social outcasts not like those good church going folk who waste hours of their week talking to imaginary father figures to sort out their daddy issues.
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February 17, 2011
He's a guild master... whoopdy doo? Lol so am i and it aint a big deal O_o
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November 23, 2010
im not addicted to wow every 3-4 months i take a break from the game for about 1-6 months

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November 01, 2010
@Lrothtube whats the diff between god and man. most wars are started because of ppl's belief in a god they have never seen countless lives are lost for the sake of a god that wouldn't come to help you if you were dying a cruel death

I wouldn't protect or preach for a god that doesn't respect his own creation instead ill live my life to its fullest and let others live theirs without being ignorant how about you learn that word before you preach (IGNORANCE)

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August 14, 2010
Its confusing, yes, I'll tell you why, this is a man ,posing as a "pastor" trying to preach a sermon on WOW and how it paralells our lives as Christians. Which is a total lie from the pit of hell. There is not one thing in WOW that has scriptual basis and has anything to do with God whatsoever, in fact Wow is filled with occult and satanic influences. Google the Emergent Church.. it will tell you what is taking place here. Men are trying to reinvent the gospel to make it more friendly, its lies

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August 14, 2010
Are you familiar with the Emergent Church? , if not then I would google it, this kind of teaching clearly comes across and that style, where they teach a fuzzy wuzzy feel good message, without reminding people that we are all sinners, God hates sin, his wrath is on sin, that there is a hell and that we need to repent, Im not boxing Jesus in, I know that he uses his Word the Bible and the Holy Spirit to convict men. NOT WOW Get that? He does not need to reinvent himself!!!!!!

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July 30, 2010
rogue is the hardest class to play dude i have vry much respect for u esoecialyl if u jsut started playign the game and u make a rogue

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July 28, 2010
i used to play wow half a day back in college 4+days...and altho i quit i plan on getting back in cataclysm for a 2-3hours per day pvp run and some raids.
my hardcore raiding days are over.
gl to everyone who's trying to quit...cuz u can't.

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July 28, 2010
100% of wow players addicted!!?? bdude, dont make me laugh.

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July 27, 2010
i love how people say we r nerd and have no life.
i play 10 hours a day.
but my freinds that dont play . they work 10 hours a day.
yea :)

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July 11, 2010
has made a comment on :
This video confuses me. There's no real point to it. The guy being interviewed (and i use that word loosely) is an utter tool. He never knows what he wants to say and just generally sucks at getting his point (whatever it is) across. Learn some communication skills.

And his friends are just as retarded. Pooling 1000 dollars to make him quit? I call bulls**t on that one. Im doubting if he even played the game.

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July 11, 2010
i have played every Expansion pack of Wow and it serriously isnt that adictive, i mean you get sick of it,... you get bored... i do.. i usualy pick it up again when a new expansion comes out.. i lvl out som characters and look att the new stuff to do, and then when it comes to the extream amount of time you need to putt in to the endgame to get good enough gear to do the final har Raids i just get bored. so then i quit until the next expansion pack

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June 18, 2010
I dont understand how everyone thinks that if you play wow you have no life and you are fat, i get kinda pissed of by such people.

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June 12, 2010
hi everyone, ive been playing wow for over 4 years now. When i first started wow i was a guild leader putting about 15+ hours in with a few 24 hour days as well. Alot of my RL friends passed away and others went on with the "party" life leaveing me and my wife with wow. Without wow we really dont know what to do tbh.years have past 1000 of dollars spent and after while you lose sight of the game leaveing you as a casual player. Though wow is a great game to make friends life outside still moves.

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May 26, 2010
Nice video,
I played WOW for 3.5 years, love my guild, we went away for a weekend in England and we had lots of fun. I really like the way in this video about "the character-judgment, u play like how u really are, in the game".
I quit WOW for 0.5 year now and I still mail/chat with them sometimes.
I am planning to start gaming again on cataclysm :)

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May 23, 2010
I'm kinda nervous, if i get addicted again when the Summer comes. I have already wasted 2 WHOLE SUMMER vacations playing this game... hope i dont get hooked on it

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May 16, 2010
Aye i feel this guy im a good lookin dude still in high school a social whore lol na, i have lots of friends from nerds to jocks and i been sober from wow sence december 09 and now im having cravings to come back hence i found this video the more i think about it the more i wonder how my life wouold be if i never started playing wow and i start to ythink how my life would b if i started playing &the real choice comes down to deciding which life u want to live
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May 03, 2010
I agree whit you StevenWangMusic, this interview really makes you think about how much time you spend whit the game.
I'm addicted to the game, but I can control it in a healthy way. I've tried to stop playing it, but each time I try - I get "pulled" back into it. So, I've decided to keep playing, but at the same time control it like 3 hours/day. Not like this guy that plays 16 hours each day.

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April 14, 2010
Well, that is why i find people in real life to make friends with who play wow as well =p
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April 12, 2010
People need a hobby and people need progression. Some are more passionate about these two things and since you have to wait to get an education before you can get these two things, some choose to zone out or practice them other places.

So many kids use way more time on gaming the education because education isn't "competetive."

So much time is wasted - And believe me, no time is wasted in gaming.

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April 05, 2010
Brag Brag Brag. is that all americans (or Canadians) do?
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February 20, 2010
First of all, any fool (ANYBODY) can start, "manage" (term used loosely) and play/PRETEND they are a real life CEO in a guild. It takes NO effort! It does not take a GM to manage ANYONE in this game! Everything this guy said he "originally" judged this game to be is JUST that! Period! It's a fun way to waste a bunch of time! Nobody in this game "takes, leads, guides" etc.....anyone else to the end game, ROFL! Everyone knows how to get their on their own, or they wouldn't be playing!

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December 12, 2009
I also played wow for a long time and was really good at it. Best Deathknight on the best german server actually. But I quit half a year ago because I couldn't afford the timerequirements.
I would love to play again but I'm just to used to being a superstar on my server that I probably wouldn't be satisfied. Though in Blizzards defense, they are trying to make the game more enjoyable for casuals.

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December 08, 2009
I love Wow, Im an 80 Nightelf druid and have been playing for 2 years.. I touch my xbox maybe once every 6 months.. I have quit maybe 3 times for 2 months ata time, and always see myself coming back to wow. I have about 15 friends in real life that I play with.

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December 05, 2009
theres addiction. and theres americans. heres a classic example of americans

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November 24, 2009
wow this interview is acutlaly really good. Really makes me think about how much I play...

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November 14, 2009
I was a GM also in a guild i made from ground up until around 1000 members but its not that cool when you are in it more than 3 months. Its really time comsuming and people want you to make their game "better" and all that... Its not that hard to create a guild, run a guild or close a guild. NOT LIKE A REAL TIME COMPANY :D

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November 14, 2009
WOW is not fun if you dont commit yourself at all to it.. If you commit 80% its going to be "80% fun" . Its like football, if you dont care about football at all how many hours would you spent on a football field playing with the football? I would go home after 15 mins or so because i dont care shit about football in generel.. World of warcraft and games as a whole i care about because they give you a feeling, the feeling can and are diffirent from person to person . Wow or football? :D

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October 25, 2009
The reason i think it's so addicting is because it's like your life in another world. You wouldn't quit real life would you?

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October 10, 2009
sure u pay a monthly fee but i play this game 10 times more than any of my xbox games coz lets be honest, i mean its one of the best games out there, u may not agree but look at how many people play it compared to other games, my point closed...

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September 02, 2009
I really liked how this interview put some perspective on the types of relationships developed in WoW. I do have to admit, while they come no where near to my family/close friends/girl friends, the people I gamed with saw a part of me that most people i will encounter on a day to day basis will never know. Whether that is the part of me I hide out of following social norms or simply to appear more acceptable is the question.
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September 01, 2009
its not a waste of time, if you enjoy it then your not wasting your time your having fun. if your sick of it and just playing cuz you got nothing better to do its a waste of time.

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August 29, 2009
going to church is not a waste of time is much better than playing games all day and siting on our butts which i reget but yeah church is better than playing games

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August 21, 2009
If you call someone that plays wow a nerd.....thats calling everyone else that uses any technology like a computer....ps3,xbox yeh..

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August 21, 2009
hi, my name is kevin.. and i'm a wow addict.. : )

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August 16, 2009
whats wrong with playing wow. Going to work is a social issue. dont get enough time to spend with family + friends, i dont see anyone complain about that. Going 2 church is a waste of time, bcus all u do is listen to a man preach for hours n hours. Playing WOW, gives me space, from the real world, So what if a person wants 2 play wow, why does it bcome a addiction ??
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August 10, 2009
thats cuz you been playing it your hole nerdy life-_- but if u just started playing mmorpg's and u had a choice belive me evrey one will pick the most fun game not the old one
btw no offence to wow players its a great game for single players not mmo cuz evrey in that game doesent know what rp=role playing means

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July 30, 2009
12mil people are playing so 40% would mean5-5,5mil people addicted or so :)

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July 30, 2009
is there a video of the entire interview? i would love to see the entire thing

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July 23, 2009
World of Warcraft was made to be FUN not adicted

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July 16, 2009
Wow = heroin

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June 10, 2009
christian propaganda!

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June 08, 2009
well i used to play WoW, its a game that i played in my spare time because i was very busy doing school and sports ect. yes the game was very addicting but i met some very nice people on ther and they were very nice to hang out with, later on i decided to end the game because i got bored and i had reached the highest lvl so yeah. i started jan 5th of 08 and ended april 8th of 09

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June 08, 2009
WOW is like in the real life -all that you do in life is to have a great time all the time...that's why you get a job a wife/husband ,friends and have a great time-the difference is that in WOW you can have a great time in no second...that's why so many people are addicted to this game.. I quess

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June 02, 2009
Arexor, i totally agree, its for fun , or for HArcore players HENSE THE ADDICTION IF U DONT LIKE IT GET OVER IT GEEEZ

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May 16, 2009
So you mean that everyone that plays WoW are huge faggots? You must be quite stupid.
WoW is the world's biggest online game, with far over 10 million gamers. If you think over 10 million people are idiots or faggots or whatever, thing it over again.

I'd say that WoW is a bit like CS. You play with friends and are having fun. Isn't that the point?
Please answer me.

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May 15, 2009
i played wow for like 3 years, got a gf, quit and 6 months on im still with her and very happy but that wouldnt have happened if id still played wow so if you feel it's taking over do yourself a favour and quit. but as others have said some people can play in moderation, i guesse i was never one of those people! :D

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May 07, 2009
Dude, Isn't addiction when you CAN'T quit something, Well the thing with WoW is that you can quit it, but why would you want to? Do you have fun playing? Life's meant to be fun in game or IRL

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May 05, 2009
Okay. I play WoW daily, but I'm able to get the best grades at school and hanging out with friends too.
The thing about addiction. I'm not addicted, but I think it's fun to play, but it don't control my life.
I'm in a very good guild, with good progress in raids (fighting monsters to achieve good gear). We had a period not long ago, where we raided every day from 19-23, four hours with gaming to achieve the same goal. It's a lot and some times people need to take some free time from it.

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April 29, 2009
Fact- once your brain adapts to being in front of a screen(tv, computer, etc) it develops a high activity dependency in the frontal part of the brain. So even when some WoW addict tries to quit, all his activities will revolve around watching a screen. This is a major fact for most addicts that go back to their "drug". If you wana quit change everything related to your addiction.

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April 14, 2009
wow is huge at my school. but most people dont know. some of the best skaters and most popular guys with girls are epic 80s

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April 04, 2009
arfhip you are totaly right... i am one of them... i play started wow again and trust me i dont get adicted at all.. i can control it:D

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March 30, 2009
it dosent mean if people have zits there are geeks? zits are normal cause everyone gets zits? i got zits but hey im no geek?

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March 25, 2009
I i think that everyone becomes addicted to wow at some point, and then they stay addicted for a couple of months. That is the dangerous part. But after those months you become more aware of what you actually are missing out on in real life. So then you stop playing. after a couple of more months you start playing again. but most of those that start again always remembers what happened when they got addicted. so they wont let themselfs become addicted again.

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March 23, 2009
Agreed at that last part, I played WoW for a couple years now, I have quit once before when TBC came out because I for "Burned out", 6 months later I cam back and was ready to start the "Fire again" and just started to raid an insane amount, I was actually a raid leader myself (Not GL) and It was an amazing feeling to kill a boss, so now WOTLK came out and I am currently in the "Quitting" mode, just cooling down I guess to start the fire once more i na couple of months, which is usually funner.

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February 22, 2009
wow he was a guild leader and was a rogue.. bad player

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February 21, 2009
WoWs cool, I played it for while. Got about 40-50 something with a tauren druid (Horde FTW). But yeah, its one of the best games ever made. I first decided to stop playing when I spoke to my friend. I quit because of that and because currently I'm doing my A-Levels which as some of you may know are f***ing hard. I feel like playing again when I get to Uni or after Uni. I love other shit as well which will prevent me always playing WoW, but its good to keep hobbies other than WoW.

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December 13, 2008
Agreed but it seams to me that you only get seriously addicted for a while, after that you get bored and stop. However people do find their way back into Wow as i have...and im loving it =D

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December 08, 2008
ill admit i love to play wow it is fun and interesting but i also play competitive tennis and i will never let wow get in the way of that all you have to do is just click exit game and close your computere and go out and play a sport talk to a friend or something like that i was at one point addicted too but then i relized there are other things in the world then wow and being the best geared.

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November 26, 2008
I like wow becuase its a place you can go to as he said to be someone that you truly are and not be judged by your looks but you personality. People liek you for who you are inside... Not the way you look. Unless its just some person whos looking for a real Realtionship or just Hot wow friends. Its just something i can do without been judged by bullys for my looks...
Realm: Suramar
Faction: Horde
Name: Divinepwer

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October 26, 2008
i play wow but i dace but i dont play as much i on;y play when i get really bored which is not offen because i am mostly doing something else..its not bad its just like any other game we have on xbox, playstation, and other things we do
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September 24, 2008
You dont need to be a no lifer or a "nerd" to play wow you just needa learn to balance it out with your real life.
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August 25, 2008
I don't think playing this game is necessarily a bad thing... i played it for about 3 years and it is very addicting but i made a lot of good friends who i still am in contact with.
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July 17, 2008
I think games are a safer ( but still irrelevant ) way to forget the bad things in life and relax other than drugs or alcohol.
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June 30, 2008
Is WOW any more addictive than drink, ciggarettes, drugs, sex, work, earning money etc? If you have an addictive personality then it will hook you in the same way alot of things do. It is a shame these people are not putting this amount of effort into the homeless or drug addicts. The Knight.
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June 27, 2008
love this video.... so true!!!
I wish all the people who think wow is dumb and gay and nerds only watch this...

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June 18, 2008
hmm there's stuff in life you need to leave and stuff you can take WoW is something you can take little by little of cause it will suck you in without you even realising i play i use to play like crazy untill people started saying i really needed to stop cause my grades in school were horrible... don't think it won't happen to you that's what everybody thinks...
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