Seeing God in a Children's Hospital - John Van Sloten

September 24, 2006

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryThis weekend we’re going to try and see the face of God in a Children’s Hospital.

Homework for this service
Ask yourself a few questions, and read the following passages in preparation.

1. Where have you met the heart of God in a health care worker? What attributes did you notice? How did they make you feel? How much faith did you put in them?
2. If you’ve had a child who underwent a successful surgery, recall what it was like when the surgeon first told you, “Everything is alright.”
3. What do you think about when you drive by a hospital? Have you ever considered how much of a miracle it is?
Read…(links to passages)
Isaiah 42:14-16

Isaiah 49:15

Luke 18:15-17

Mark 5:35-43

Illustration from the TV series "House", Season 2, "Autopsy"

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Isaiah 42:14-16, Isaiah 49:15, Luke 18:15-17,Mark 5:35-43,scitech,movies

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