Reel Spirituality - The Sixth Sense - John Van Sloten

March 25, 2001

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryWe did this message as a round table discusion.
Clips from the movie, "The Sixth Sense"

Clip#1 - Opening Credits and eerie sounds from the film, end - freeze on light bulb (note-quiet sound)
Cue to 8:00
Clip#2 - Church refuge scene end-freeze on Bruce Willis' astonished face after Cole steals Icon
Cue to 20:30
Clip#3 - I see dead people scene. end- freeze after Bruce Willis says, "Of course not" In response to Cole's question
Cue to 56:00
Clip#4 - Mom & Cole in car scene end- freeze on Cole and his mother hugging
Cue to 1:41:47
Cast:Bruce Willis,Toni Collette,Olivia Williams,M Night Shyamalan

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Length: 46:34     Rating: PG