Reel Spirituality - The Matrix - John Van Sloten

March 11, 2001

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryThe Matrix is a movie that causes a shift in our thinking, what is reality? Is it all that we can see, or is there more?
These are the clips we used from the "Matrix"
Scene #1 - Training fight scene, Neo in training ends on "You think that's air
your breathing"
#2 - Take the pill , what is reality ends with looking into Morphesus' glasses
#3 - Start in the wasteland, "fate is not without it's sense of irony"
#4 - get up, agents shot at him, he stops bullets see matrix in code, freeze on face
#5 - telephone booth ascension scene

Cast:Keanau Reeves,Lawrence Fishburne,Larry Wachowski + Andy Wachowski

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Genesis 11:4a,movies,culture

Length: 36:07     Rating: PG13