Reel Spirituality - Life is Beautiful - John Van Sloten

March 04, 2001

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Media @ New Hope CalgaryThis morning's film, Life is Beautiful, is a film about love. In particular, it's about one man's love for his wife and for his son. It's a love that starts out in a rather idyllic setting in pre WW2 Italy. It's a time of peace, of beauty and simplicity a time of "amore!"

Clip#1 - Service opening clip,start at beginning of movie car out of control down a hill end clip when he catches the woman falling out of a hay loft
Cue to 0:03:00
Clip#2 - Shows the happy family and introduces more of the character of Guido,bike ride down the hill from their home to the town,ends on get off the bike
Cue to 51:14
Clip#3 - Entering the concentration camp,Guido begins a game of winning the real tank to keep his son from disparing in their new surroundings. Ends on Josh saying a real tank
Cue to 1:05:33
Clip#4 - loudspeaker scene,trying to give hope to his wife,Guido seizes the moment and broadcast his love over the camp loudspeaker. Freeze on his wife's face
Cue to 1:20:21
Clip#5 - Scene opens with Guido caught in the searchlight,he was caught trying to escape,a soldier marches him at gunpoint past the place where Joshua is hiding to give his son hope he high steps to his death,end by freezing on Josh's eyes.
Cue to 1:47:50
Clip#6 - Scene opens with a tank rolling into the compound,Joshua stands in front and a soldier helps him up into the tank,as the tank leaves the compound it passes lines of prisoners suddenly Josh recognizes his mother. They are reunited!
Cue to 1:52:20

Cast:Nicoletta Braschi,Roberto Benigni,Giorgio Cantarini

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ICorinthians 13:7,Philippians 2,Joshua 1:9-5,Psalm 23:4,grow,movies

Length: 28:04     Rating: PG