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God at Work

"Work: God means for you to know and experience Him on the job!"

*NEW in Work @NHC*

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God at Work

God's (auto) Restoring Heart

“I’m not building this so that I can just sit there and look at it and hear it run. I want to drive this down the coast, I want to take this places… take it out and show it off.”
Jesse Schinkel, DUB Dynasty

God's News (through a Journalist)

“A major flaw among journalists as a whole is a tendency toward self-righteousness.”
Elizabeth Renzetti, Globe and Mail columnist, Toronto

God’s Making New truth in a Stylist

“I love giving people what they didn’t even know they needed, confidence in who they are. I love hearing the words I trust you…”
Anita Roeke, Stylist

God at Work: An Electrician

“I think every electrician is fixer at heart and takes great joy in making things work.”
Alain Leclerc, Master Electrician

God's Birthing Truth in a Midwife

“It’s an other worldly experience. Nothing compares to the privilege of giving life and the responsibility of that; nothing!”
Nadine Goodman, Public Health Specialist