New Hope Calgary - What to Expect

What to Expect

Activities @ New Hope Calgary NEW HOPE is designed to be a church for those who currently do not have a church home. Many Calgarian's are searching for deeper relationships with God and each other. We want to meet and know those people exactly where they’re at, and introduce them to what God and church are really all about.

We believe each person has a “God-shaped” void in his or her life that needs to be filled. People are simply not complete without a personal knowledge of God and personal relationship with Him.

NEW HOPE has been specifically designed to meet the needs of young families and adults. Our programs are geared toward helping parents (including single parents), married and single adults, teenagers and children to grow spiritually, emotionally and inter-personally. Despite our focus on the “younger crowd,” we’ve been blessed with a broad spectrum of members that includes middle-aged and elderly people.

In a society plagued by spiritual and relational fractures, NEW HOPE is a place for renewal. We want to meet the needs of Calgarian's with the restoring message of God’s love. When individuals renew this essential relationship, all other relationships have a new foundation for growth. We know first-hand that God’s love influences every aspect of a person’s life!

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