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Men's Activities

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6:30pm NHH Men's Discussion Group

Feb 27, 2017
The next men's group meeting will take place next Monday, Feb 27, starting at the usual time of 6:30 PM. This meeting will be hosted by Wayne & Diana Smith.

The evening will begin with the usual light dinner and will be followed by a video presentation and discussion. The discussion will wrap up approximately 9 PM.

All men are invited to attend but please do confirm your attendance with Wayne ( Wayne can directions to his house when you email him.

Man Scouts
All New Hope men (18 years +) are invited to join Man Scouts. What is Man Scouts? Just a bunch of guys scouting life for awesomeness. Not your typical church men's group. This is NOT a small group, bible-study, prayer group, or sharing time. It IS a time to get together and do something fun and rewarding, build community and maybe share a beer or two. Some of the ideas proposed have been: winter camping, build potato cannons, make sleds out of old couches and then use them, beer making.

If you would like to be on the email list, or if you have other ideas, send them to