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Activities @ New Hope Calgary Miguel and his wife Kailey have been coming to New Hope Church for almost 3 years. They have been active on the set-up team since they began coming here as well as being involved in planning and putting on the community feast that we had here last year. When asked why they began coming to New Hope Miguel mentioned that in their past church life they had felt very strongly that there was something missing. That there was a disconnect between their Sunday church experience and the rest of their daily lives. The had always felt that God was present in all the things that they enjoyed doing and in the people that He brought into their lives. It was this idea that sparked their search for a church that explored this relationship. Miguel also expressed that they wanted to be part of a church community that in turn wanted to be part of a bigger community. They wanted to be part of an active church that was willing to take risks for what it believed in as well as making the effort to get to know the other people in their community. In their short time here Miguel and Kailey have been challenged to redefine how they interact with the world around them and to in turn stick their necks out for the things that they believe in. Miguel believes that this is a very important time for our church and that we are on the cusp of something new and exciting. He is extremely excited and honored to have the opportunity to join the church leadership team and looks forward to helping out wherever he can.