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Name Change Input Wanted!

Jan 1, 2017
This past Sunday you may have heard about our plans to change our church name. To that end the Name Change Committee would like to hear from you. How do you respond to the following question;

"As you consider the vision statement and vision video of our church,
what specific words come to mind that capture/reflect the unique
essence of who we are as a church?"

Please note that we are NOT looking for name suggestions. We're looking for one or two words that most accurately capture who we uniquely are. The hope is that these words will then point us in the direction of a new name.

Please email your response to

NHH Church Vision Statement - Nov 1, 2015
"New Hope Hillside is an accepting community called to experience and be God's presence everywhere. We believe that church happens wherever we are - at home, work, school, and play. We want to live into God's dream of a world where everyone and everything is made new. We want to love, serve, and give our lives to help make that happen."