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  • Calgary, City of Blinding Lights
    June 19, 2008
    nice vid worth watching... my brother is going to calgary in a month... we are from Mexico!

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    World of Warcraft - Interview with a guild master
    June 18, 2008
    hmm there's stuff in life you need to leave and stuff you can take WoW is something you can take little by little of cause it will suck you in without you even realising i play i use to play like crazy untill people started saying i really needed to stop cause my grades in school were horrible... don't think it won't happen to you that's what everybody thinks...

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    Struggling to Forgive
    June 08, 2008
    Hello Pastor,

    I watched your webcast for May 18th when you spoke about a family who was tragically impacted by a drunk driver. I was wondering if you have ever tried to talk to Stephen to see how he is really dealing with his loss and how he is managing to raise two little girls who are grieving over the loss of their mother. It is very difficult for these girls as everywhere they go in the Christian community they hear gossip and slander about their dad. He made a terrible mistake and so did his wife Kim, they were both out partying and drunk. They were both foolish that night. Words do cause irreparable damage. There are souls at stake.
    From a friend who cares about both families.

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    God's Face in a Honey Bee
    April 29, 2008
    My father was a beekeeper in Ventura county. I worked with my father in the bee business for about twenty years and I have fond memories of the bees. I was looking around on the internet for videos related to bees and came across yours.

    I'm 51 years old now and have started thinking about the magic of bees again. So several months ago I decided to start doing bee presentations for schools. As a amtter of fact my first one is going to be in about three hours for 60 first graders. I've written a shor piece about bees and if your interested I'll send it to you.


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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    March 28, 2008
    To Pastor John:
    Hi John, while surfing around YouTube, I stumbled on your sermons about Barack Obama and the theme of reconciliation. I don't know if the controversies about Rev. Wright may have tempered your enthusiasm somewhat, but if not I wanted to congratulate you on lifting up this issue.

    I am pastor of a Methodist Church in Dallas, and I really appreciated your take on Obama and what I also gage to be his very sincere attempt at doing politics a different way.

    This let me to surf around your church's website for a while, and to come away extremely impressed by your preaching and the church in general. I must confess my bias (confession is good for the soul?) that it seems to me many contemporary churches shun political or social issues...but you seem to relish taking them on. I very much appreciate that. (and am willing to admit it my be my world that's too small...)

    Just an email to say I appreciate you and am glad to have bumped into you out here on the web.
    Grace and Peace,

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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    March 28, 2008
    Obama Is the worst thing for the US, He wants to Take control of Our Kids for Birth to College. I Pray you will look deep into what he wants to do. Listen to his words.

    Please Listen Please listen. With the ears of God. We must not rely on the Goverment nor any man to provide, teach or rise our Kids. They are arrows in our bows.......(Gods Arrows)

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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    February 25, 2008
    Michael Gaynor, TCV, 24/02/08 says, "[T]hese days Barack Hussein Obama is thinking that he will be elected the 44th President of the United States this November". Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama was steadfast Probortion and Pro-INFANTICIDE in 2002 and now as a U.S. Senator campaigning for President of the United States.

    "That June 2002, the U.S. Senate voted 98-0 in favor of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (although it failed to become law that year). Pro-abortion Democrats supported it because this language was added: 'Nothing in this section shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand or contract any legal status or legal right applicable to any member of the species homo sapiens at any point prior to being born alive as defined in this section.'"

    "In 2001, Illinois State Sen. Patrick O'Malley introduced three bills to help such babies. One required a second physician to be present at the abortion to determine if a surviving baby was viable. Another gave the parents or a public guardian the right to sue to protect the baby's rights. A third, almost identical to the federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act President Bush signed in 2002, simply said a 'homo sapiens' wholly emerged from his mother with a 'beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord or definite movement of voluntary muscles' should be treated as a '"person," "human being," "child" and "individual."' Obama voted against!

    "In 2003, Democrats took control of the Illinois Senate. Obama became chairman of the Health and Human Services committee. The Born Alive Infant bill, now sponsored by Sen. Richard Winkel, was referred to this committee. Winkel also sponsored an amendment to make the Illinois bill identical to the federal law, adding  word for word  the language Barbara Boxer said protected Roe v. Wade. Obama still held the bill hostage in his committee, never calling a vote so it could be sent to the full senate.

    "A year later, when Republican U.S. senate candidate Alan Keyes challenged Obama in a debate for his opposition to the Born Alive Infant Bill, Obama said: 'At the federal level there was a similar bill that passed because it had an amendment saying this does not encroach on Roe v. Wade. I would have voted for that bill.'

    Terrence Jeffrey, NR, says, "In fact, Obama had personally killed exactly that bill." "In 2004, U.S. Senate-candidate Obama mischaracterized his opposition to this legislation. Now, as a presidential frontrunner, he should be held accountable for what he actually said and did about the Born Alive Infants Bill.

    "He is so pro-abortion he refused as an Illinois state senator to support legislation to protect babies who survived late-term abortions because he did not want to concede  as he explained in a cold-blooded speech on the Illinois Senate floor  that these babies, fully outside their 'mothers wombs', with their hearts beating and lungs heaving, were in fact 'persons.'"

    "Jill Stanek, who was a nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., testified in the U.S. Congress in 2000 and 2001 about how 'induced labor abortions' were handled at her hospital. "'One night,' she said in testimony entered into the Congressional Record, 'a nursing co-worker was taking an aborted Down's Syndrome baby who was born alive to our Soiled Utility room, so I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived.'"

    Jeffrey said, "She told me this week he [Obama] was 'unfazed' by her story of holding the baby who survived an induced labor abortion".

    Senators McCain and Clinton should require Senator Obama to explain his connections with:

    His mentor,Frank Marshall Davis (deceased), a member of the Communist Party USA;

    His minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, friend, and sounding board for more than two decades who is anti-White America and anti-Semitic and special friends with Louis Farrakan, Muslim Leader of the Nation of Islam;

    His brother, Abongo "Roy" Obama, a militant Muslim who lives in Kenya;

    His paternal cousin, Raila Odinga, Presidential candidate who invited Obama to Kenya; lost to Christian, Mwai Kibaki;

    His election as the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review without having anything written by him published there oar anywhere as HLR President.

    Contributing writers were Terrence Jeffrey, NR and Donald Hanks, WND.

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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    February 24, 2008

    Thanks for the note. Graeme Morton did write a piece that might insinuate that I filly support Obama in all of his views/policies. In fact I do not. But I’ve learned years ago that there is no single candidate whose policies I 100 percent adhere to. In one talk Obama addresses the matter directly when he says something to the effect of, “I’m called to be the senator of Illinois, not it’s minister...”

    Personally I do not share his view on abortion. But I also understand that a politicians personal view on a matter cannot be imposed on the populace. Even George Bush couldn’t get away with that.

    Reading Obama’s book this week, and coming to understand his personal faith and commitment to Christ give me hope here though. Barack also seems to be the kind of person who would tighten up abortion legislation where that the way God moved in the American people (And in him!). I’m not sure about what you say about ‘partial birth abortions’ though... I recall him referencing that issue in the book and seemingly upset at some pro-lifers who blocked legislation limiting partial birth abortions (under the guise of ‘we don’t want any abortions at all... so we won’t even vote for this!)

    Got to go preach now... thanks for taking the time to remind me of this Leslie.

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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    February 24, 2008
    I submitted a Letter To the Herald" in reference to this column, which they will probably not print, especially if Graham Morton has any say in the matter. Does Van Sloten really believe that the omnipotent creator of the entire universe has nothing better to occupy his time than decide who is the best candidate for President of the U.S.A. in the Democratic Party, and then make his plan personally known to Van Sloten. It must be very handy to be privy to the mind of an omniscient being, especially one whose existence has never been proven and exists only in the minds of very gullible people.
    Apparently he personally selected the current President, as Dubya states he is more or less carrying out the will of this fantastic creature. Although, considering the mess Bush has made of almost anything he touches, one has to wonder about the claimed omniscience of this big invisible man in the sky. Bush's only answer to any calamity is to call for prayer and as sure as night follows day and day follows night all this prayer has absolutely no discernible effect. It is in fact a colossal waste of time. (see the website "Why won't God heal amputees" for clarification of this matter).
    Other websites that might clarify the truth as it is, without resorting to the old "God did it, God works in mysterious ways, we are not to know the mind of God, etc.", are Ebon Musings,, Bible inconsistencies and contradictions, and a host of other reason based sites. I know it is not the Christian way to question, reason, doubt and ask why, but merely to slavishly believe what you have been told is the truth, but check out these sites for the real truth.
    Unlike Van Sloten I am not allowed access to the miss-named Faith & Reason section of the Herald, apparently the editor Graham Morton has a great aversion to anything contrary to faith being printed, his faith being rather shallow and his believes not provable.

    Rick Wilm

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    The Gospel according to Barack Obama
    February 23, 2008
    Dear Pastor Van Sloten
    I read with interest the story in today's Herald regarding your admiration for Sen Obama. I too find Barack Obama to be a dynamic, charismatic personality, very appealing in many ways.
    I wonder, though, if you are aware of Sen Obama's consistently pro- abortion voting record, his support for partial-birth abortion (infanticide), his endorsement by Planned Parenthood (largest abortion provider in the US), and his recent endorsement by Frances Kissing, former president of Catholics for Free Choice, who considers him the best candidate to continue the legacy of Roe v Wade?
    These issues are enough to give me as a prolife Christian serious pause as to whether he deserves support or promotion by a Christian minister.
    I am not familiar with your church's position on life issues; perhaps Obama's views on the 'right to choose' are yours as well. If not, and you would like further information, is a great place to start. It is a reliable, intelligent news service with a prolife perspective.

    Leslie Blair, MA

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    Neil Young - God's Prophet?
    January 01, 2008
    InvisibleOrange you've got it all wrong, man...
    Neil Young is God.
    and the album Trans proves even god makes mistakes.
    but an amusing vid nonetheless

    jvsnewhope I thought Clapton was God?
    (at least that was the lead in I used the Sunday before when I preached old slowhand!)
    Regardless, I still think Young is a powerful reflection of all that is beautiful in the Divine!

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    The Police, the message in their music
    January 01, 2008
    very intelligent sermon, really moving for a police and sting fan. people look for solace and hope like castaways must surely do to survive

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    Disability and the Divine
    January 01, 2008
    What an interesting view of disability! An all-powerful God that let's people suffer disabilities - does that make him evil?

    Actually, what the case is is that the delusion of a god forces people to pray yet there is no god there to hear and help. Anyone heard of a person having lost a limb regrowing it? of course not as there isn't really a god at all.

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    Amy Winehouse - Finding Real Freedom
    January 01, 2008
    Amy Winehouse Is Amazing!!! THe TRuth Is SHe Is Who She Is No Matter WHat..SHe's True To Herself..SHe's Authentic, Genuine, UNique..SHe Also Lacks Self Esteem And That's Why We As Fans Have To Let Her KNow How MUch We Appreciate And Adore Her!! God Is Great And Will Help Her Through It All.WE Pray..GOd Bless!!

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    Ben Harper - Spirituality
    January 01, 2008
    wow to the comment concerning hijacking. Ben put his words out there- bravely- for all to hear. Music is art, and art is subjective. Ben doesn't say- this is the only meaning of this particular song or quote- he creates it and then gives it to be interpreted individually. I think it is FABULOUS that a church is, pardon me, but "sanctifying" Ben's music. It means more people will be touched by his music. be thankful, not condescending.

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    Sole Spirituality - Women's Shoes
    November 21, 2007
    I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to tell part of my story. Coming from a Catholic tradition, where women are only able to read scripture, to be able to use my voice and my own words was special.

    If anyone would like to share their shoe story please go to or email me directly at

    Lastly, as I do motivational speaking if anyone has an opportunity (Women's group, workshop etc) please feel free to contact me.

    Again, thank you.

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    Amy Winehouse - Finding Real Freedom
    October 01, 2007
    I love Amy Winehouse!! And I agreed with a lot of things you said, people don't get why I am such a big fan of Winehouse, but you described all the reasons why I AM!!! Thank YOU!!

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    Seeing God More
    September 17, 2007
    Thanks for the response... here are some of my thoughts in response to your response... J

    1. To your comments here > “The question is "who gets to write (interpret) the book on creation?" In all of my life, especially since high school, I've seen "the book of creation" hijacked by bullies of human reason, predominantly enforced by a closed society of materialists. The majority of these 'highly acclaimed' experts who disguise themselves under their vestiges as 'scientists', 'theologians', 'educators', politicians', and media elite' are all too happy to define for us "what we are actually seeing", even when it comes to creation.

    The more I grow in Christ, I am aware that this so-called book of God is not just a book about God, or a book of beautifully inspired allegories, metaphors and prose, but it is a book written directly from the very Heart and Hand of our Loving Father, a book that frequently quotes our Creator and Saviour directly.”

    I agree that the book of creation has been hijacked way too many times (by voices that do that with non-God honouring intention). But should the fact that this happens (and will continue to happen) stop us from interpreting the text with God-honouring intention? I believe that, whether we read it right or not, all culture still belongs to God, the whole world does! We can’t let mis-interpretations, miscues, mistakes, the ravaging effects of sin deceive us into forgetting this fact. Psalm 24:1ff is eternally true.

    I’m glad you included ‘theologians’ in the above statement. Not only have they misread the creational text, so too, have they misread the bible. It happens all the time right? But it doesn’t stop us from trying to read His word.

    To be honest, I’m a bit confused by the last sentence I’ve quoted above. Is the book you’re referring to there, the book of creation of the book of the bible? It seems what you’re saying there can apply to both. (and I agree that it can!)

    2. To your comment here > “Unlike you I am not so impressed by the saints of our media driven culture. Though artists need to be respected for their talent I hear very little of God's VOICE in them. St Young, St. Clapton, St. Bono, St. Al Gore, St. Hugh Ross, St. Hetfield and even St. Bono are not so representative of God's heart, but the idealism of global human salvation (LOOK AT US -WE WILL SAVE THE EARTH) without gravity of their need for God.How ironic that these same 'radical' prophets of do-goodism militanty assert, human and gay rights to the demise of decency and the right to life...”

    Part of me agree with part of what you’ve said here Rick, and part of me doesn’t. I agree that none of these folks are saint, just like you and I (and the Bible’s King David, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Jeremiah, Paul, Peter, Mary (pick any one), Barnabbas or Silas) we all fall short; we all sin; we’re all fall short; not one of us is precluded from this predicament! People with a personal knowledge of Christ know this fact (some of the time), and people without that knowledge of Christ also know this fact. But, of course, the knowing that comes in knowing Christ is a materially different kind of knowing!

    I, a daily sinner, second in line the Paul (the chief of all sinners) still get to preach every Sunday... and for some reason God still speaks. That, in my mind, is grace Rick; grace that I have a special knowledge of through my personal relationship with Jesus. St. Young, may or may not know that Jesus yet (I’m not sure he does), but this fact should not preclude the possibility of God still speaking through him. In the bible God spoke through an ass, moved through the political actions of Assyrian kings, used the conniving actions of Joseph’s 11 bros for good, even spoke prophetically through the high priest who superintended over Jesus kangaroo court crucifixion. God’s movements/revelations were done without an explicit knowledge of Jesus... yet, I believe, Jesus’ spirit was still in control. The Holy Spirit is always in some kind of mysterious control; holding creation, preserving it, keeping it, and getting it where God wants it to be > eventually a new heaven and earth! The grace that speaks through those who do not know God yet is called, in theological circles, common grace. (It’s huge in the CRC... Calvin, Kuyper, Bavinck, etc...)

    3. To your comment here > “All I'm trying to say is that we should be asserting the unchanging, rock solid orthodoxy of biblical truth instead of the shifting sands of human trends fads and opinions. The pursuit for Holiness and Piety is virtually disallowed anymore in our Postmodern (There is no Truth - everything goes) kinda world. I haven't found any wisdom more exciting then the brilliant saints and prophets of old in God's word, and since then in the early church fathers, (i.e St. Augustine, Athanasius), Calvin, Luther, Chesteron, Lewis, McArthur and on.”

    I guess I could add any one of those names onto the list of sinners above. Luther was a racist (against Jews). Augustine got it wrong some times (listen to the end of my sermon on Parables from two weeks ago). And the others, I’m sure, made many a mistake. Just like you and I do. But for the grace of God....

    I agree that we should never change the rock solid truth of the bible (truth be known, ultimately we can’t!). What we’re doing is reinforcing that book with the other (hopefully getting it right more times than not!). I write about this in my blog, under ‘the book’... here’s the link;

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is the way God has always intended for us to read the bible (and creation)

    For now, that’s it... look forward to hearing back from you,

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    Seeing God More
    August 23, 2007
    Dear John,
    You are a brilliantly gifted speaker with a sophisticated academic mind and great artistic sense.
    With all due respect, however, I am deeply troubled about how willing you are to accept every tenet of pop culture, scientific delusion and Hollywood media idolatory and marry that with the Divine and Holy (set Apart) "Word" of God. God has never been truly popular in the mainstream.
    Much of what you "see" in Creation is often informed by the so called elites in media and scientific academia. You have great opportunities, being seen and heard in the public forum with upwardly progressive intellectuals. However you seem to denegrate those who accept the Bible as Supreme Authority at face value, namel me.
    Your sermon on Seeing God More celebrates the current and cleverly carved science of "Quantum Physics" without question. It is apparent that those who hold a creationist view are mere fools.
    I invite you to dig in deeper beneath the powerful godless media machine and realize that many are keen on suppressing the Eternal Living TRUTH for a Temporal, Shallow Humancentric agenda.
    Many go to church to get away from the confusing deadend propaganda of the manmade systems to experience Holiness, and worship, and the Lifegiving, yet very unpopular TRUTH of God's Word... rescuing and freeing us from the talons of worldliness and Satan's seductive power.
    You are very careful not to offend. That may be admirable but, in that, there is the tendency to sell out and be trendy, current and always 'in the know'. We tend to trust and honour man's wisdom WAY too much and God's foolishness FAR too little. Please challenge your own stoneclad presuppositions and preach His word, not ours.

    Let everyone who has ear to hear let them hear!
    Let God be true and EVERY man a liar!

    Looking for DIVINE HOPE, LIFE and TRUTH.

    God Bless. In Jesus,

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    The Murder of Tara Landgraf
    August 23, 2007
    Thanks for the kind words about Tara.
    She was one of the most full of life, friendly, and funny people I ever had the pleasure to call a friend.
    Even during the lowest days of her addiction, she was never a thief, never took advantage of people, and never blamed anyone else for her addiction.
    She knew her family and friends worried about her, but she always made an effort to at least let us know regularly that she was okay and where she was at.
    She wasn't forgotten, she wasn't abandoned, but she also didn't want to be a burden.
    She had tried to get clean a couple of times, and last time I saw her, she was trying to get on the waiting for a rehab centre; a mere two weeks ago before that horrible day.
    I'm gonna carry her memory with me till the day I die.

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    The Murder of Tara Landgraf
    August 22, 2007
    I just wanted to thank-you! This is Cory Rob's spouse, Tara was our cousin. Amazing and so deeply touching! Tara deserved this.!!! Our family appreciates this more than we could ever show you! I just hope the message is heard, the label will one day disappear, and people will always acknowledge a cry for help, no matter what the sign is, a note, a act for attention, and scream for help. They are all important big or small. Thank-you John!
    God bless!

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    The Police - The message in their music
    May 15, 2007
    Personally speaking I do not care much for the Police. I worked a big festival with them one time and Sting was terribly arrogantand thought rather too much of himself and his stardom (this was when Message in a Bottle was in the charts). Stewart Copeland was a great guy, and Andy Summers was a pretty quiet chap. But it is their music you are interested in speaking about and one song I think says a lot and that is "Every Breath You Take". Sting really has no interest in Christianity and so I think that trying to find a sermon from their songs will be like strying suck blood from a stone! This is my personal view John and I hope that it does not discourage you from doing what you need to do.

    Doug, Thanks for the thoughts - no discouragement taken. I just finished Sting's bio and did see the arrogance you cite (my default way of seeing it in others is by noticing it well up in me! :) )

    But thank God character flaws don't stop the Spirit from authoring good and truth and beauty through us. I just got back from 2 hours of cycling, listening to a "best of" album... Every breath you take did strike me... I know some have seen it as a 'stalker' kind of song... if you hear it another way, it can point to a pretty big God watching over us.

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    Eric Clapton, god or God's
    February 28, 2007
    why not?
    why is anyone here?
    do we honestly have a purpose, or are we just to accept our irrelevence?
    or fight it? Like Clapton did.
    but thats just one girls opinion

    if he wasn't here, sally would still be standing, it wouldn't be wonderful tonight, there would be tears in heaven and we wouldn't be any further up the road.
    but that's just one girls thoughts.

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    February 03, 2007
    To the comment that Emily made, I agree. Yes, our lives should represent Christ. There should be a difference in our behaviour and character. Yet, I don`t believe that`s all we must do. Jesus went where and preached and taught. He confronted those who had pride in their own deeds for salvation. He showed them their sinfulness before God through God`s law. He very cleary used the Ten Commandments to bring many to conviction.

    For instance here:
    Matthew 19:16-23( where the rich man asked him what he needed to do to inhiret the kingdom of heaven), Mark 7:6-13 (Jesus pointed out the hypocrisy of the pharasees. They were putting tradition and before what had commanded them to do. They were giving God lip service, but their hearts weren`t in the right place.)

    Paul preached in Mars Hill and convicted the audience of their idolatry and made known to them that one day God would judge them. (Acts 17:22-32)James also uses the law to bring his audience to conviction particularly in the first 2 chapters. John in 1 John chapter two writes about sin and the law.

    The Ten Commandments serve as mirror into which when we look at ourselves we see our sinfulness.
    Good deeds are great for showing our faith, and I wouldn`t stop showing my love for God with my life. But there has to be speaking and really showing what the Word of God says to others. We can`t just wait and hope that someone notices something in our eyes or in something that we do and asks us what`s different. Yes, it might happen, but we can`t just wait for that all the time

    Yes we should love, but telling others about Christ is a way to show our love, whether they feel offended or not. Christ will offend, even when we witness in the most loving way possible.

    I understand that many churches are trying to relate the Bible to people and that`d why they are using TV shows, music and other things to attract people. But remember that in the Bible they used the Scriptures to teach. They gathered to hear the word of God and learn. I just pray that the Scriptures and God might become the focus, not technology or pop culture. Our culture just tends to water down what God really says.

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    The Da Vinci Code - How the Bible came to be
    January 09, 2007
    Got your note… thanks for taking the time to comment.

    One of the oddest things that I realized about Sunday was the fact that I preached on the makeup of the bible without ever quoting from the Bible. Ironic?

    At first thought so, but then realized that using the bible to prove itself is a very untenable and circular argument (quoting the bible to prove the bible). So, against all urges to the contrary, I left the message the way it was. Next two in the series will be different though.

    Your point on the ‘meaningfulness’ of scripture’s truths is a good one. I did mention this idea on Sunday when I spoke of the fact that we just, “Know that we know that we know” (by faith) that it’s true. The scriptures you cite fit in directly with that concept.

    Hey, thanks again for the comment and have a great week,


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